si Lemon

finally,,,, no time bwt info ..
accidental and not deliberate today Dhe longer sore throat neh
temen then again I also have a fever in ...
thought the market had thought to look for .. er ahh lime instead of lemon dapetnya
who would have thought the lemon also can ngobatin sore throat ... while looking for info on google so dewh Dhe um post ehhehe lemon ..

Lemon fruit that often we eat, or as a mixture of soft drinks is proved to be a natural antiseptic. Lemon is known and justified by media experts as a tool or drugs to fight infections and kuman.selain it, Lemon can also be used to treat problems of the skin. Number of fresh lemon drinks in the market due to the fact that the lemon can be used to treat sore throat, boost the immune system, colds, influenza and malaria effectively. Some believe the lemon to prevent asthma, headaches and arithis but needs to be proven scientifically.
The following content contained in the lemon
The content that is useful from a lemon:

* Fiber
* Alkaline
* Phosphorus
* Potassium
* Calcium
wdh never know it all about lemon,,,
then choose a good lemon gmn tuh hell?
how easy, the first weight of the fruit juice is selected should feel heavy and the fruit is a bit hard and the second select fruit lemon yellow skin
good luck with ya buddy .. hopefully useful ^ _ ^